Here are some questions that we find ourselves answering frequently. You may also find our resources page helpful.

What do I do if I find an injured or orphaned wild animal?

Call our hotline at 518-964-6740 or you can go to www.animalhelpnow.org

What is required to be able to care for injured and orphaned wildlife in New York?

In New York you must possess a state wildlife rehabilitation license to care for injured or orphaned wildlife. To care for most baby birds, you would need to possess a Federal license since most birds are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. To care for injured and orphaned raccoons, bats and skunks in New York, you must have a RVS (Rabies Vector Species) license.

Do you have to be a licensed rehabber to be a member of North Country Wild Care?

No, we do however require that members attend 2 meetings per year and do some form of volunteering with our organization, such as volunteering on our hotline, transporting for us or helping with outreach and fundraising events.

Does NCWC do pest removal?

We do not do pest removal.

Where is your facility?

We do not have a facility. Our members volunteer out of their homes.